Welcome - Foreword from the Captain


In 1986, I made my first trip to Canada as a member of that year’s British Cadet Rifle Team – the Athelings; little did I think that twenty six years later I would be returning for my twelfth DCRA as Captain of Great Britain. Further, I am delighted to be taking my team to compete in the America Match to be held in Ohio, a new experience for all members of my team as Great Britain has not competed at Camp Perry since the Palma Matches of 1970 and 1976.

I am delighted that this Great Britain team is drawn from the wider demographic of fullbore shooting in the UK, with at least two members from each of the home nations (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales) and three under 25s to complement the two veterans and two ladies. I am certain that the four new caps will enjoy their first senior tour and benefit from the wealth of experience that includes five Queen’s Prize winners, three Commonwealth Games medallists, a former individual World Champion and no less than twelve members of the winning GB Palma Team from 2011.

Taking a team abroad to two countries is an expensive undertaking, even after the generous support of the GB NRA Overseas Teams Fund. I am therefore extremely grateful to those companies and individuals who have supported the team along the way; we could not have done this without you. Equally, I am eternally grateful to the team’s partners, wives and girlfriends for allowing us to tour and represent Great Britain in these important matches. To Claire, Ellen and Vicky (& Ed, James and Dan), I would like to extend my congratulations for your 2012 weddings.

We are all indebted to Dennis Flaharty and Emil Praslick for helping to organise the venue for the 2012 America Match. Having competed in every America Match held in the US, as well as the inaugural Match in Canada in 2002, I am all too aware that this new location for the match has enabled Canada to compete in the US leg for the first time.  Further, I hope that this series of matches serves as a useful test event for the World Championships to be held at Camp Perry in 2015 and I wish the US NRA every success with those plans.


Jeremy D S Langley

Captain, Great Britain Rifle Team, Canada & USA 2012