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RSA International Match

This morning was brimming with anticipation as our first international match, the RSA International, was scheduled for the afternoon. With the team announced yesterday, our armourers had spent yesterday evening making the required ammunition tuned to each of the shooters rifles.

U25 RSA International

Tuesday’s dawn broke with slightly cooler air on a fresh breeze and 3 of the top 4 places of the Grand Aggregate occupied by GB team members (the other being a GB Vet Jeremy Tuck).

Start of the Grand

The SABU Grand Aggregate starts today, and with that the traditional opening ceremony at 7am. All nations competing are invited to raise a flag after the SA National anthem and official welcome from General Mack.

Featured Team Members

Derek Lowe
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Derek began his shooting in the cadet force at RGS Guildford, moving on to the Athelings in 1991, Oxford University over 1991 – 1994 and the Surrey county team since the late 1990s. He has been fortunate enough to represent England or Great Britain in various guises in Australia, Canada, Jersey, Kenya, Namibia, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

This tour will be Derek’s 5th to South Africa, and 3rd as Adjutant. Keenest at long range and in a team environment, he also spends a lot of time in match rifle. Aside from coaching and shooting (usually in that order), Derek sits on various committees in order to delay the inevitable moments when he has to leave Bisley. He is an experienced charity trustee both in shooting circles and at the church he attends in central London, and works in corporate finance as a Group Company Secretary.

Bill Richards
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Big 5 Caps:

This will be Bill’s twelfth GB tour and his fourth to South Africa, including once with England in 2009. Although best known as a coach, Bill has appeared in the final of HM Queen’s Prize final 25 times and 18 times in the top 50 of the Grand Aggregate, so he can occasionally point his rifle in the right direction.

Bill has been a Maths teacher since 2003 and is extremely grateful to his school for allowing him time off during term time to tour. When Bill isn’t teaching or on the range, Bill is involved in running Space Design Competitions, inspiring the next generation of rocket scientists! He is rarely found without his Kindle, reading mostly a diet of science fiction and fantasy.

Rosanne Furniss
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Big 5 Caps:

Rosanne started shooting in 2005. After 10 years focusing on Match Rifle following graduation from university, she restarted Target Rifle in 2019 and has enjoyed the opportunity to shoot for England in the National and Mackinnon, and shot for GB for the first time in the Kolapore Match at Bisley in 2022. Rosanne is looking forward to joining the team in South Africa for her first target rifle overseas tour, and to experience shooting target rifle outside of Bisley.

Aside from shooting, Rosanne works in consulting, supporting health and care systems across the UK to implement change.

Jon Underwood
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Big 5 Caps:

Jon’s passion for target shooting started at the tender age of 11 at Aldro School on a 20 yard range in a converted greenhouse. Jon continued to enjoy the sport, learnt about fullbore shooting and ‘Bisley’ when he moved to the Royal Grammar School, Guildford, continuing at London University.

Jon has achieved a number of notable successes over the years including winning the Grand Aggregate in 2005 and 2009, the HM the Queens Prize in 2006, and most recently the Governor General’s Prize in 2019. He has also been a member of many successful teams representing England and Great Britain. As a regular tourist, the enforced break from touring during the pandemic was the longest time he hasn’t been overseas so he is delighted to be returning to Bloemfontein just over 8 months after a trip to Canada with the 2022 GB team.

Back home, Jon looks after his family business interests in Surrey, including a tool hire business and property rental business. In his ‘spare time’ has returned to RGS Guidford to help coach the school’s rifle team. Jon also has the responsibility of looking after Ted – ‘The Underdog’!

Meet the Team

Tour Information

Captain’s Foreword

My family has a long tradition of fullbore rifle shooting with substantial links to South Africa. My Grandfather Major Tom Anstey, captained the 1953 GB Team to South Africa whilst my father, Major David Scott-Langley, was Adjutant to the 1963 GB Team. In 1993 I made my first trip to South Africa as a member of that year’s Great Britain Rifle Team…

South Africa 2023 Team Announcement

GBRT South Africa 2023 team announcement
I am delighted to announce the names of those selected for the GB Rifle Team to South Africa, touring in March 2023…
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