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Back in 2020, around 100 hopefuls submitted an application to be a part of the 2023 Palma Squad, with a pre-tour in 2022. One global pandemic later, and the schedule slipping by a year, today marks 883 days since the 4th October 2020 when the initial squad was selected. This is the day we’ve all had circled in our calendars for a very, very long time.

South Africa 2023 Under 25 Team

GB Under 25 Rifle Team to South Africa, touring in March 2023…

February Training

After a winter break, with team members undertaking their own individual training regimes, this weekend saw the whole team back together for a final practice before departing for Bloemfontein in 3 weeks.

Featured Team Members

Nick Tremlett
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Long in the shooting tooth is a fair description of Nick – and that was 5 years ago! Shooting at international level since 1976, Nick has the distinction of having toured with GB before most of this team were born. Dabbling in both target and match rifle Nick has won the Queen’s Prize and the Hopton, and a few other trophies along the way. He was captain of the undefeated GB team to South Africa in 2017, a tour during which he also won the South Africa President’s Prize. By profession he is a semi-retired vet, and has had to minister to ailing team members on previous tours – much to their consternation!

Graham Nelson
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Graham started shooting at Stamford School and then the Athelings, progressing to Newcastle University and the GB Under 25 team where he gained his first experience of shooting in South Africa. Time adjusting to the realities of grown-up life as a Junior Doctor meant that representational shooting sat on the back burner until an NRA tour of the Channel Islands in 2014. This has since been followed by two GB tours and several National and Mackinnon matches for England. Graham is the manager of the English Lions talent development squad and is the Membership Secretary for the English Twenty Club (the governing body for fullbore target shooting in England).

When not on the ranges Graham can be found at work as a Consultant Anaesthetist with a specialist interest in the Oesophageal and Intestinal Failure surgery, or at home with his very understanding and supportive wife Sophie and their two children Charlie and Annabelle.

Hannah Cook
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Hannah’s introduction to shooting sure isn’t the norm. At the tender age of 7, she could be found shooting tin cans in the garden, but was finally taken to a ‘real club’ at the age of 11. At the age of 14, she got the ‘Bug’ for international shooting, and competed at the 2006 World Championships in both 50m prone (Junior Women’s), and 300m (Senior Women’s). While studying at Wellington College, she began her Target Rifle career, breaking her Tyro at the first attempt. The Team to South Africa is her debut on the GB Target Rifle stage, and she is hoping to bring some of her extensive GB knowledge with her.

Off the range, Hannah can be found donning on her Physiotherapy uniform and working on a respiratory ward.

Tom Rylands
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Tom is no stranger to South Africa, having first shot there in 1984 at Hamilton. This will be his 5th GB tour to the country, having also captained an England Team in 2009. Tom has been part of 5 Palma Teams and 6 Australia Match teams and looks forward to the strong competition he knows will be present in Bloemfontein. Tom is also Team Manager for the GB Under 25 Team and is excited at the prospect of bringing more young shooters to competition in South Africa. He is also known to spend a fair amount of time making ammunition and fettling rifles!

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Captain’s Foreword

My family has a long tradition of fullbore rifle shooting with substantial links to South Africa. My Grandfather Major Tom Anstey, captained the 1953 GB Team to South Africa whilst my father, Major David Scott-Langley, was Adjutant to the 1963 GB Team. In 1993 I made my first trip to South Africa as a member of that year’s Great Britain Rifle Team…

South Africa 2023 Team Announcement

GBRT South Africa 2023 team announcement
I am delighted to announce the names of those selected for the GB Rifle Team to South Africa, touring in March 2023…
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