Graham Nelson

After the excitement and stresses of traveling, and an impressive thunderstorm overnight, Wednesday was set to be a day of rest and preparation. Some squad members started the morning in the gym or the pool, others opted to take advantage of one of a very small number of lie in days on the tour.

The first party to leave the hotel were the ammo team and the armourer for a final session of ammo testing kindly hosted by Peter Bramley at the range on his farm. A short while later the Adjutant led 5 buses to the General de Wet ranges. These buses included the GB Under 25 team who selflessly offered to help collect the team’s ammunition which had shipped in from Berger in the USA. It turns out they may have been more interested in a range walk with top tips from the team’s resident wizard, Bill Richards.

Following this, the buses separated. Rosanne, Jack and Jason headed off to collect the vast quantities of food needed for team lunches. Three buses took the majority of the ammo back to the team store whilst Derek’s bus headed across to the test range with some of the Berger ammunition.

Once testing finished, the ammo group and stragglers were treated to some famous South African hospitality from Peter and his wife Lexi, whilst we waded through the storage trailer of equipment from past GB tours to dig out chairs, cool boxes and other key items for successful range days.

Back at the hotel final preparations were being made. Chambers were being measured, ammunition pushed as required, Talking Head’s Swatcom Multicom Pro headsets charged and tested, and any number of other tasks all of which contribute to a successful team environment.

Following final instructions being passed for tomorrow’s range practice day, the team dispersed to a number of different eateries for dinner and that all important rest.