Date Time Activity
Mon 8th August Arrive 15:15 Travel to Halifax: Dept LHR AC 861 12:35 (Terminal 3)
    Check in Lord Nelson Hotel, Halifax (1515 South Park Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 2L2: Tel (902) 423 6331;
Tues 9th August   Free day
Wed 10th August 9:00 - 15:00 Range practise, Bull Meadow Range
Thurs 11th August 08:30 start NSRA APM Day 1
Fri 12th August 08:30 start NSRA APM Day 2
  pm Evening reception at Halifax Citadel
Sat 13th August 08:30 start NSRA APM Day 3
Sun 14th August 09:00 start NSRA APM Day 4
Mon 15th August   Free day
Tues 16th August   Free day
Wed 17th August   Free day
Thurs 18th August Arrive 11:55 Travel to Ottawa: Depart Halifax AC 651 11:15
    Check into Baron's Hotel (3700 Richmond Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K2H 5B8)
Fri 19th August am set up GB team room
  pm The Ottawa Regiment (900m)
Sat 20th August am The Gooderham (500x & 900m)
  pm The Army & Navy Veterans (900m)
Sun 21st August am The Tilton (300m & 600x)
  pm The Macdougall (300m & 500x)
Mon 22nd August am The Norman Beckett (300m) & Coln John Brick (500x)
  pm The Norman Beckett (800m) & Coln John Brick (600x)
Tues 23rd August am The Letson (300m & 500x)
  pm The Coaches Match (900m)
  pm The Letson (600x) & Alexander of Tunis (900m)
Wed 24th August am The Presidents (300m & 500x)
  pm The Presidents (600x) & The Gibson (800m)
Thurs 25th August am The Gibson (300m & 600x)
  pm The Outlander Team Match (600x & 900m)
Fri 26th August am The Gatineau (900m)
  pm The Commonwealth Team Match (800m & 900m)
Sat 27th August am The Canada Team Match (300x, 500x & 600x)
  pm The Governor General's Final (800m & 900m)
  pm Prize Giving
Sun 28th August am Tidy & pack up
    Travel to London: Dept AC 888 23:25
Mon 29th August am Arrive LHR 11:10 (Terminal 3)