9-10 Final R&R, back to Ottawa

Yesterday, the last full day of R&R, brought reports of a float plane overturned in the Lawrence River close to our hotel near Kingston (WingCo, Olay and this diarist all disclaim responsibility for this); torrential rain stopping golf; and news of a fresh batch of cards for THAT card game having arrived at our hotel back in Ottawa.

Friday saw us arrive on the range mid morning to meet drizzle and gentle wind, yet with flags off the poles, which had been a rare event during the ORA championship a week ago.

We spent the late morning retrieving rifles and ammo stored this week with Serge Bissonet (thank you) and opening up the portacabin assigned for GBRT’s use on the range – much cleaning and rearranging.  John and Dietra Carmichael dropped off a fridge and, all important, magnums of vital supplies (thank you both). Bus groupings have been reallocated to fit with squadding times and rotas drawn up to share round shopping and tidying duties. 

The early afternoon was spent back at the hotel, hiding from the heavier rain and preparing for our first in-earnest DCRA shoot: the Ottawa Regiment, 2&15 @ 800m.  This began around 6.20pm under threatening grey clouds with wind fish tailing between 1 and 2.5 right – our first with no mirage. This diarist will claim that there was also no mirage for the second detail (at 7.10pm), with winds between 1 and 2 right, except for a single shot needing 0.5 left.  It was the darkest shoot for some time for most of the team.  Results are not available at the time of writing, but we have to think that David Young’s 75.10 is highly competitive.

This was followed rapidly by a meet-and-greet drinks in a marquee outside the DCRA building, where the overseas competitors (including from the USA, Kazakhstan & the West Indies as well as GB) were welcomed by our hosts after the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the 150th anniversary DCRA meeting.

Tomorrow we look forward to The Gooderham (2&10 @ 500m & 600m) and The Army & Navy Veterans (2&15 @ 900m).  Warm-up shoots last until Sunday lunchtime, after which the Grand begins.

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