Wednesday 12th August

After the successes of last night’s prize giving, today was a leisurely start of 0800 ‘wheels up’ to the range for a morning of zeroing at 800 yards.

Some target teams were well prepared with plot sheets filled in whilst some targets (no names, no pack drill) were not quite so well prepared! With various degrees of order and disorder target teams performed and many V Bulls were scored.

With zeros checked and spare rifles fouled, we departed the ranges for the last time before match day. Two intrepid firers (and their long suffering coach) remained behind for a shoot at 1000 yards. During discussions with Team West Indies they were informed that, the West Indies ‘are are going to give us a damn close match and we should be prepared for a beating” – Looking forward to it!

The majority of the team spent the rest of the day foraging for food. Various burgers and steaks were demolished whilst the entire chicken population of Port Clinton is now wingless! ‘Team wing’ then to retired to bed (each to their own) and to a man all had a two-hour siesta.

Jackie and Zoe remained at home treating the sick and injured (10 people fixed so far today) – Many thanks to both.

And so to this evening, a team meeting followed by a BBQ. ‘Team wing’ are not that hungry, but Bill and Tom D are holding up honours by being first in the queue for steak, sausage and guess what – yes, more chicken! At least there is something green on the plate for this meal.

The mood in camp is quiet and calm, we all know our roles and responsibilities, the plot sheets are filled out, sights are set and the ammo team have finally hung up the presses and scales. Many thanks to Tom Rylands and his ‘press gang’ for their efforts over the last few weeks.

Sleep well all, tomorrow awaits. We are ready and looking forward to it.


21:15: It’s all too much for the youngest team member; thanks for all your hard work Zoe 🙂