Day 7 - Nottingham Road

As recently as we arrived, it's already time to head off from Springbok Lodge, and off to the first of our shooting destinations, Nottingham Road (yes, despite appearances so far, this is actually a shooting tour!)

Before we went, there was a chance for the team to head out on another early game drive, where they sampled the delights of Mocharulas (coffee, hot chocolate and Amarula, all at about 8am) and also the sighting by half the team of one of only two wild cheetahs on the Nambiti reserve - definitely not an experience to be missed, which is unfortunate, as that is exactly what the Land Rover containing the other half of the team managed to do.

Following the game drive, the only objective for the team was to get to the next accommodation spot at Fordoun Spa, sometime before 4pm. Some of the team (Ben, Gareth, Mick, Jon and Simon) opted to spend some time post check-out visiting the cheetah sanctuary near the entrance to the Nambiti reserve, the highlight of which was being able to stroke a real live cheetah (although definitely a tame one, as proved by the fact that the persons involved still have all their limbs attached) - pretty amazing.

The various parts of the team all assembled at Fordoun Spa near Nottingham Road, and for the first time were joined by Jonny, Nigel and CJ, following their flight from the UK and trip from Johannesburg - so now we are a full team.

Dinner was very kindly provided for us by the members of Nottingham Road Rifle Club, in the form of a Braai (South African BBQ) at their clubhouse, next to the range we would be shooting at the following day. Most of the GB team left fairly early to get some sleep and prepare kit for the following morning, unlike the Nottingham Road team, who apparently made a night (and early morning) of it.

Nothing else to do but await the individual competition tomorrow, and the first chance (including all the training weekends) for the team to shoot together on the same range at the same time.

Quote of the day has to go to James, for "I haven't had a shower in two days", Alwyn asks why, and gets told that there wasn't a shower in Springbok Lodge. It turns out both James and Chris had missed the door out of the back of the tent leading to the outdoor shower, and had instead been washing themselves under the two foot long shower attachment to the bath, which must have proved quite challenging.