Day 3 – Valcartier Invitational (Continued)

Simon Hayton

With the cobwebs blown out yesterday, the team once again descended on Batoche range for our second day of shooting. With Team GB occupying nine slots out of the top ten going in, and a team match on the schedule, things were suddenly becoming rather more consequential.

We started the day with another 2&15 at 500 yards, which started very calmly but a fickle and misleading downrange breeze caught many off guard. Seven competitors scored a “possible” of 75/75 points, with six of these from Team GB. The wind grew more unpredictable as the day progressed. There were no possibles at 600 yards, and only two scoring a 74 (Nicole R from the PQRA, leading Tom R from GBRT by one V Bull). This left Nigel and David from GBRT occupying the first and second places respectively, and Nicole R in third place. To be continued.

Before the individual final, we were called to the firing point for the team matches. GBRT were assembled into separate teams of four, registered as “GB Green”, “GB Red”, “613 White”, and “GB A Team”. The confident self-naming of the “A Team” paid off, as they collectively registered a score of 199/200 points and 21 V Bulls. This was good enough to beat off GB Teams Red and White, who dropped two and four points respectively. This secured the top three medal places for Team GB.

Finally, the final. Another 2&15 at 600 yards, by which time the temperature had climbed and produced fast and subtle changes. In spite of this, Jane triumphed with a 75 and 12 V Bulls, closely followed by Jack, Tom R and James P scoring 74s. However, our wonderful host Nicole R also put in a perfect score, securing the overall “Grand Ensemble” prize. We would like to offer our warmest congratulations to Nicole, and once again thank everyone at the PQRA for hosting us for a challenging and enjoyable weekend of shooting.

Written by Simon Hayton