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Sunday 28th August

I was right, there were some members who thought they probably ate something that disagreed with them last night. The steak was superb, John and Deb Deane along with JJ joined us. It all happened quite late – after having attended the prize giving and then carrying “Vice” across to the Ontario Rifle Association/NCRRA club house, we finally returned to the hotel at about 2200 for our very happy Captain to begin cooking.

Saturday 27th August

Another lie in! 0730 setting on the alarm clocks. 1½ hours later than we have become accustomed to. A quiet day on the roads, being Saturday. Got to the range in 10 minutes. An hour to prepare for the Canada match. Coaches quietly chatting to their firers getting/discussing zeroes, bearing in mind that we haven't actually shot 300x at all on this tour.

Friday 26th August

The shooting of the Gatineau completed the Grand Aggregate this morning in almost perfect conditions. Kent Reeve has won. Our highest place went to Warby at 5th, with Dyson 6th. GBRT had 8 in the top 14.

As I write, the team prepares for the Commonwealth Match. Teams of 12 firers on three targets. Preparation for some entails watching the latest Star Trek film on David Rose's laptop – James T Kirk saves the universe again...

Thursday 25th August

Our guests last night were not as thirsty as we had hoped. The team will be drinking 7Up and Sprite till we get back home, judging from the amount brought back to our hut.

JJ Jackson made up two more of his “blank round” pendants for awarding to those who forgot their ammo. Emma's new bling looks lovely and Kelvin (who thought he had got away with his ammo “problem” on the first