Thursday 18th August

The deal on the hire cars was that we return them empty of fuel. Amazingly enough, no one ran out of gas before reaching the airport. No one packed live ammunition in their hand baggage or had Hoppes wrapped in their Y fronts. Davids Dyson and Rose had arrived without mishap yesterday. It took them 15 hours to cover the 1600 kms from Halifax to Ottawa (including the minor detour around Montreal).

All four vans arrived at the Barons Hotel under a large thunderstorm without visiting Montreal or Toronto.

The team settled in, retrieving the bags and rifles that had been transported by road from Halifax. Keys for the team room at Connaught and squadding tickets were collected.

Our supplier of superb ammunition, “JJ” Jackson had spent 2½ days driving up from Texas. He flies Boeing 777's for American Airlines, so is doubly a hero. He awarded his fellow airline pilot a delightful commemoration for forgetting to bring ammo to the firing point in Halifax. The award took the form of a drill round on a ribbon, identical to that which we are shooting. He also distributed polos to every team member as thanks for choosing him as our supplier. We asked him what sort of loading machinery he has been using to ensure such incredible consistency. We were astonished to be told that he had hand loaded every single round. He has supplied us with 11000 rounds. Thank you JJ.

The team is now all assembled. We welcomed Emma Nuttall and Kelvin Ramsey who joined us today.

Onwards and upwards.