Day 20 – Canada Match day

Friday – Canada match and the end of the Grand

The team managed a leisurely start this morning with most of us on the 3rd relay for the Gatineau, the last competition in the Grand Aggregate where the top 50 shooters are squadded on the same relay.  Going in Ian has a 7 vee lead over Kent Reeve.  The conditions were not easy with a light but changeable breeze from the left causing some agonising over wind calls. Ian dropped a shot early on to go behind but as the two leaders approached the finishing line Kent Reeve also dropped his 14th to count to drop back to the same points tally. Ian emerging victorious dropping only 2 points across the whole of the Grand agg. Congratulations and a well deserved winner. 

After the excitement of the morning we reassembled at GB team HQ to get into team match mode for this afternoon. The Canada match which is the Short Range international match commences at 300x. GBRT collectively focussed and put in an exceptional effort to kick things off going clean at 300, Canada just 2 points behind. Continuing at 500x GB again managed a strong showing with just 2 points dropped Sandy just loosing 2 but with the rest of the team going clean our lead was extended further. At 600x Captain Chris gave a final team talk and focussed the minds for the last distance. Minds suitable focussed the team raised their game yet again to go clean and put in the 3rd highest score in the Canada match of 1198.158 finishing 10 points clear of Canada who finished with 1188.14

This evening most of the team head to Crazy Horse for supper but the Captain and the winner of the Grand are off to the Chateau Laurier to the MacDonald Stewart dinner where Ian will be presented with his Grand Agg winners medal. 

With the Commonwealth match in the morning and the Governor Generals final to look forward to most headed to bed as early as possible.

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