Day 21 – Final day of Canadian Championship

Saturday – Commonwealth Match and Governor General’s final

 The last day of shooting, but still more work to do this morning! The Commonwealth Match at long range, three targets and twelve shooters. The Canadians not to be underestimated can still put up a fight so Chris warned against complacency and got the team focussed for the 800m distance. GB picking up where they left off yesterday managed to go clean all twelve shooters. But with Canada snapping at our heels they were only only 2 points off and up on vees this was a close match. 

Moving back to 900m (1000y) GB started off ok but had a small wobble dropping a few points early on which at one point saw us level or even one behind Canada. The wind had risen and was now moving from the left with occasional right mirage. The Captain nervously watching from behind the point willing the shots into the bull. After a number of stops and sighters out of turn GB picked up their performance and closed out strongly eventually finishing 9 points ahead of Canada. A great close match, Angus top scoring with 100.13

A mightily relived captain managed may have to charge his laundry bill back to the team after a nerve wracking final range.

Changing back to individual mode for this afternoon for the Governor General final a number of the team are carrying through 149’s and 150’s so all to play for. 

The wind conditions from this morning did not continue with the same aggression however lack of attention paid to the mirage meant it would be easy to loose points. A strong start for many with 75’s at the first distance meant 7 of the field were still clean going into the final distance 900m. 

Taking things down to the wire at 900m Nigel dropped his last to finish 1 off, Chloe also slipped one point away but with the highest vee’s finished fourth. Ian Shaw though held his nerve to finish with a superb 300.36, again pipping Kent Reeve on vee bulls to take the Governor Generals prize to go with his win in the Grand Aggregate. 

The GB team braced themselves for the second chair carry of the tour to go with Angus’ win in BC. 

A swift and organised prizegiving conducted by Don Hazell of the DCRA released the GB team for the last night dinner at Moxies. A great dinner had by all, a lot of laughs and remeniscing about the ups and downs and funny moments continuing long into the evening with the celebrations of the Team wins and Ian’s triumph. Enough said about that for now. Tomorrow we fly home post script to follow en route.

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