Day 17 – Ottawa Day 4 – Connaught Grand Day 1

Tuesday 16th August 2022

Connaught Grand Aggregate – Day 1

Connaught Scores

Today the team embarked on day 1 of the Connaught 2022 Grand Aggregate, with some very solid performances being made. Conditions were largely benign, bt fierce heat in the afternoon made for challenging long 2+15 details at long range. Despite the conditions the team dug deep and delivered incredible performances, winning everything on the day. Other notable mentions in despatches go to Saxon, who smashed them in at 600m with a fabulous 50.6. and Tom Rylands with a 50.8 @ 900m. Champions of the day, however, were our veterans with a clean sweep if the prize list.

Nigel Ball – Winner of John C Brick

I turned up and won something. I think I may have won this before!

Reg Roberts – Winner of Alexander of Tunis

I’m pumped for this and I’ve already lost track of the number of 50.9s I’ve got.

David Young – Winner of the Army and Navy Veterans.

These whippersnappers and colonials can’t keep up with me!

It turned out that the big spectator event of the evening was the 5 way tie shoot for everyone who shot 75.11 at 900m yesterday in Army & Navy Veterans including me.  2 sighters and 5 to count with a time limit of 1 minute per shot – no need to rush then!  Two inners for sighters so the stress of whether to convert a 5 evaporated.  Apparently the two USA shooters had finished before I started on count.  All finished except me so  everyone was hanging on my last shot, it came up slowly on the line – as soon as the dummy boa oars appeared in right hand corner the RO declared the tie broken and me winner.  Gracios handshakes all round.  This was all against the backdrop of me dropping the rifle and having a badly bent ladder that Kevin straightened in the morning as best he could.  Tom Rylands had ladders with him so they will fit a new one that evening.  A great day in the end !!

Post shooting it was down to business prepping for the GBRT reception party to be held Wednesday 17th August. Pimms was definitely order of the day. Appointed drinks attache, Yusef Ali, was tasked with sourcing 20L of Pimms and 30L of lemonade. An easy challenge!

Have we enough?

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