Day 18 – Ottawa Day 5 – Connaught Grand Day 2

Wednesday 17th August 2022

Connaught Grand Aggregate – Day 2

Connaught Scores

The team embarked on day 2 of the Connaught Grand aggregate with a Queens 1 shoot in the morning, followed by the first of our teams shoots in the afternoon – The coaches match, 2+10 @ 900m and the Outlander, 2+15 @ 900m and 2+15 @ 600m.

With team selection in process all of the team were keen to put in some solid performances and I don’t think anyone made our Captain and management team’s selection easy. Whilst no-one went clean in both matches, there were some solid performances all round. Sadly, despite performing well and team drills going smoothly, the Americans won the Outlander match.

Outlander Match

2022 98 14 Coaches Match Teams
2022 08 14 Outlander Teams

For the first time since we have been in Canada, the heavens opened! Fortunately this was just minutes after we had finished the matches and enabled us to dash back to the hotel to shower and don Number 1s for the GBRT reception back at the Connaught ranges. Having cornered the market in Pimms and Lemonade, we were able to make litres of Pimms for our guests. As several of the team can happily drink Pimms by the bucket we were able to cater for all. Tom Rylands also created his own version of Pimms.. and from my own experience of drinking it, it is more explosive than the Bergers we have been using all trip.

Pimms O’Clock

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