Day 15 – Fri 31st Mar – Presidents Stage 2

Half day for Team GB! While everyone was very excited at the prospect of only half a day sweating into their shooting kit, there was still the penultimate individual shoot to complete – the State President’s second stage.

As mentioned in a previous diary entry, the State President’s second stage is similar to the first stage, but out of 50 (rather than 35) at each range for a total of 150. The first stage and second stage scores are then added up and the top scores (usually around 100 people) make it into the final.

 It was another sweltering day, with wind conditions calm to start and then picking up later. However, it was definitely possible to score high, with Glyn doing the double and topping the team in both the state President’s first and second stage, the latter with an excellent score of 150.24 out of 150.30.

The afternoon was spent relaxing (for the majority of the team) but our final team match (the Protea) is tomorrow followed by the State President’s final. One final day of shooting to go, but huge prizes at stake, as the team go for victory in all 3 matches! You can see the live update of the scores again on our website, so do try to check it out!

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  1. Carol Painting

    Well done Nick and everyone – splendid match results!

    The live scores for the matches were brilliant as usual. The individual scores sheet is less useful because the name column isn’t frozen. I suggest a regular file that I could open with a program would be more useful.

    Thanks for the updates.


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