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Day 4 – R&R in Quebec

The team have been making the most of the few days we have off before competitions start again on Friday. Some of the team took the opportunity to get out of the city and explore the stunning Canadian wilderness for a leisurely hike. The rest of us remained in Quebec for a day of sampling … Read more

Day 3 – Valcartier Invitational (Continued)

With the cobwebs blown out yesterday, the team once again descended on Batoche range for our second day of shooting. With Team GB occupying nine slots out of the top ten going in, and a team match on the schedule, things were suddenly becoming rather more consequential. We started the day with another 2&15 at … Read more

Day 2 – The Valcartier Invitational

The team rose bright and early (one much earlier than others) for the first day of shooting in Quebec. For many of us it was our first visit to the Batoche range at Valcartier and also a new experience of using the electronic target systems on our personal devices! The morning commenced with liberal application … Read more

Featured Team Members

Andrew Lothian
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Andrew was given a .177” air rifle for his seventh birthday. As he was absolutely useless at ball sports, he was delighted to discover something he could do.

He was lucky enough to attend Epsom College where he didn’t work very hard, but really got hooked shooting the good old .303”. He was in the school’s first ever Ashburton winning VIII in 1973, the month before he toured to Canada as an Atheling, where he shot like a drain.

Life then got in the way of shooting in Canada, spending the next 42 years flying airliners for a living, but still managed to shoot in the UK. He did squeeze in tours to New Zealand and Australia in the ’90’s, competing in a couple of Australia Matches and a Palma. He’s hoping his wife Alison didn’t notice. He toured with his son James in 2009 to Bloemfontein. As they were both missing, Alison probably twigged that one! After an interval of 38 years, he shot at Connaught in 2011 and again in 2019.

Now that he is retired, he indulges himself shooting as much as he can. He is passionate about supporting youth shooting, running the .22” range at a local Prep School and helping out at Epsom. Unsurprisingly, he is looking forward to meeting long standing Canadian friends and forging new links with others.

Christopher Heales
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Christopher shoots with the West Suffolk Rifle Club in Norfolk, currently their captain, he is also a regular member of the Norfolk County team. He has previously toured to Canada and Guyana with England and been a member of three European Long Range teams, appearing also in the National and Lawrence. This will be his first GB tour.

When not shooting or at work, he may occasionally be found cycling along local leafy lanes, although vigorously denies having gone full “MAMIL”. He also enjoys cooking and dabbles in the world of home brewing, sometimes with explosive results. Happily married with 2 grown up children and a dog.

Jack Alexander
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Big 5 Caps:

Jack Alexander started fullbore shooting at the age of 13 under the supervision of his father, leading on to a number of years shooting with Wiltshire ACF. As with many of his shooting friends, he caught the bug and never looked back. Jack went on to shoot for Ireland followed by his first GBU25 tour to America 2015, where he took part in his first World championships, picking up individual and team golds. Jack’s other individual shooting highlight is representing Ireland in two Commonwealth Games.

Outside of shooting Jack has a plumbing business. He also likes to find as much time as possible to head in to the mountains to hike, climb and take part in many outdoor activities.

Archie Whicher
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Archie started shooting when he was knee high to a grasshopper. His WW1 experienced grandfather tried teaching him how to split an air rifle pellet by firing it at a pen knife. He failed!

Undeterred Archie continued to refine his smallbore skills at school (RGS Guildford) and started fullbore at Bisley early, firing the old Lee Enfield No4. He also made most of his pocket money butt marking as the back of Century is only half a mile from the family house.

His first trip to Canada was as an Atheling in 84. After that he went on to shoot for London University and subsequently the Old Guildfordians Rifle Club for which he was captain for 20 years until last year and toured with to Kersey and South Africa. Further tours were made as part of the GB team to Canada in 2010 and 2014, shooting in BC, Alberta, Ohio and Ontario, although in 2014 the only shot fired was from the hip due to a shoulder injury. In 2019 Archie was part of the England team who shot in Quebec and Ontario which he enjoyed so much he wanted to do it all over again.

He looks forward to the challenges of Quebec and Borden, and the anticipated experiences of Tim Tams, Harvey burgers and Waffles with lashings of Maple Syrup!

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