Day 5 – R&R in Quebec (Continued)

Simon Hayton

The team woke on day 2 of R+R in Quebec to find the weather had turned quite considerably rainy, and so indoor activity was the order of the day. Some team members opted for sightseeing at the Citadel, which forms part of the fortifications around Quebec City – did you know Quebec City is only one of two North American cities still enclosed with fortifications? A World Heritage site and still used as a military base today, it was well worth a visit.

Meanwhile, other team members went for a relaxed brunch at a local spot. In the diarist’ humble opinion, it was one of the best brunches ever: North American portion sized options of pancakes, French toast, crêpes, waffles, fried potato, eggs, various fruit toppings, and of course copious amounts of syrup.

Continuing the indoor activities, some team members then went for a game of ten pin bowling. It was always going to be intense with 8 individuals of highly competitive disposition participating, and in the end our armourer Tom Rylands emerged victorious, closely followed by Patrick Costello.

The afternoon activities continued with some team members opting for a cinema showing of Barbie – luckily it was figured out in time that some showings are in French, which would have made for a confusing few hours for us English speaking Brits. Others opted for various food options, making the most of the vibrant restaurant scene in Quebec.

In the evening we headed out for a team dinner at a place initially scoped out by the England team in 2019. Steak and seafood was the vast majority of the menu, and greatly enjoyed by all.

One more day of rest and relaxation tomorrow before we head down to Borden for the rest of the competitions.

Written by Lindsey McKerrell