Day 8 – 141st Ontario RA Provincial Championship

Simon Hayton

Today was the first day of the Ontario Rifle Association meeting and the team descended on the range bright and early at 0730 to pick up squadding for the next few days. Short range was the order of the day today with 4 shoots, twice at 500 yards and twice at 600 yards. The course of fire was 2 convertible sighters and 10 scoring shots.

The conditions started cool and bright in the morning and progressed slowly to hot and bright in the afternoon. Those looking at the mirage tended to fare better since the flags were much lower than the trees and on the far side of the range, only showing past wind for the majority of the day. A large berm provided some shelter to those on the left hand side. The conditions yielded very good scores across the board. Notably, Mike Bumford succeeded in winning two tie shoots for the Presidents and the Gibson, with a perfect 25.5 and 25.4 respectively. No sudden death required! The only person clean today was Jon Underwood who won the day, and 10 of the top 20 are GB shooters. This evening we celebrated the birthday of the Captain with champagne, shrimps, cake and some thoughtful gifts. Happiest of Birthdays Andrew!

Written by Lindsey McKerrell