Day 11 – DCRA National Championships (First day)

Simon Hayton

Today was the first day of the DCRA 🇨🇦. A careful eye needed to be kept on the mirage and flags, and the conditions yielded some very good scores.

We started with the Tilton at 500 yards, which was which was two sighters and ten to count. James Postle was third with a 50.8v, followed by Tom Rylands 5th and James Shepherd 7th with 50.7v.

In the Norman Beckett, Jack Alexander was 7th with a 50.8v and Nigel Ball 10th with a 50.7v.

In the overall Grand Aggregate Jane Messer then led the GB charge with a clean score of 150.20 placing her 3rd on the day, closely followed by Nigel and Christina in 8th and 10th respectively. The full scores can be found here:

Written by Lindsey McKerrell