Day 16 – The Final Day

Simon Hayton

Today was the final day of shooting on our Canada tour. The day started with the Gatineau, a 2+15 at 1000 yards, the final shoot of the DCRA Grand Aggregate. Simon Hayton was tied for first place with a score of 75.10v, but narrowly lost out to Zevin Linse in the tie shoot scoring 24.3v to Zevin’s 25.2v. This concluded the DCRA Grand Aggregate, with three GB shooters in the top 10 – Nigel Ball, Jane Messer, and Simon Hayton in 5th, 6th, and 9th place respectively.

After bundling one of our hosts, Jim Paton, into a balloon-filled party car, Reg Roberts then won the tie shoot for the 500 yard MacDougall with an impressive 25.3v to Brandon Green’s 25.2v after they had tied on 75.13v.

Next up was the Final of the Governor-General’s Prize with GB’s Jane Messer, Christina Cuming, Jack Alexander, Nigel Ball, James Shepherd, Michael Cooper and Simon Hayton qualifying to shoot the 2+15 at 900 and 1000 yards. Four members of Team GB finished in the top ten: Jane Messer in 6th, Simon Hayton in 8th, Christina Cuming in 9th, and Jack Alexander in 10th. The winner was Adam Fitzpatrick from the USA with an excellent score of 298.29v, who was chaired off the range in the traditional manner. Our warmest congratulations to Adam.

The day ended with a work party to derig the range and pack up, followed by a wonderful prizegiving ceremony, and lastly a slap-up meal and celebrations in Barrie for Christina’s birthday.

Written by James Shepherd