Day 23 – Recovery

Rosanne Furniss

With all of us feeling slightly delicate after last night’s commiserations, we gathered on the lawn outside the downstairs rooms and began to pack all the team baggage. Under strict instruction to arrive at 10am with all items that needed to be included in team kit, only half of the team managed to achieve this basic task. Others had their team kit helpfully added to the pile by room or bus mates without regaining consciousness from the night before.

By early afternoon, team packing was complete under the expert guidance of baggage master Jon Kent. Our new rifle slips had been bundled together, rifles repacked, and the baggage team breathed a sigh of relief. With a bit of time to do some personal packing, at 14:30 we headed out for our final team meal of the meeting.

We presented our amazing Captain, Jeremy Langley, with some ‘small’ mementos as a thank you for all the work he has put in. We have taken huge steps forward as a team in terms of the technical approach and Jeremy has played a huge part in that. We rehydrated, and enjoyed time catching up with the Under 25s as well. On returning to the hotel, we used up any outstanding supplies with a dozen elephants being spotted too. With a long travel plan kicking off tomorrow morning, a fairly early night was had for our last in the Southern Sun.