November Training

After the unseasonably warm weather of first two training weekends of the autumn, the Team knew that their final weekend together in 2023 was going to be far colder and more testing. Storm Ciaran had run its way across the south of England for the preceding 2 days…

October Training

Three short weeks after the first, the team re-assembled for the second of three intensive training weekends. The weather was set to be unseasonably mild (24 degrees on Sunday) with calm winds, promising pleasant conditions for most.

September Training

Seven weeks post-Imperial meeting, and with a new stock of range credits earned from friends and family, team members met up at Bisley for the first of three training weekends in quick succession.

June Training

For the first time in this cycle the 2024 Palma team met early on a Friday at Bisley for a 3-day training camp. The team and reserves had been allocated into 4 target families which, whilst not set in stone for the next 9 months, will aim to foster closer working relationships as the team work towards the Palma match.