Day 24 – The Return Home

Our 9am team meeting started the process of travelling home. One member of the team realised he’d need to take an opportunity to visit Peter Bramleys for final time, and by our planned 10am departure almost all the team were showered and packed. The driving teams set off in convoys with very loaded vans back to Johannesburg Airport…

Day 23 – Recovery

With all of us feeling slightly delicate after last night’s commiserations, we gathered on the lawn outside the downstairs rooms and began to pack all the team baggage. Under strict instruction to arrive at 10am with all items that needed to be included in team kit, only half of the team managed to achieve this basic task. Others had their team kit helpfully added to the pile by room or bus mates without regaining consciousness from the night before…

Day 22 – Palma Match Day 2

Day two of the 2024 Palma dawned cooler than almost any on the tour so far, following a spectacular thunderstorm overnight. For the final time, target teams made their way to their respective vans for the drive to the General de Wet range. With just two points separating ourselves and Australia after day one, it effectively came down to a three range shootout against the reigning World Champions…
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Featured Team Members

Matthew Ensor
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Matthew started shooting in 1992 at the Royal Grammar School, Guildford. This will be his 15th overseas tour, sixth World Championships and sixth shooting trip to South Africa, having previously visited with GB (2008, 2017, 2023), England (2009) and first with the GB U25s in 2000.

While Matthew has enjoyed a smattering of individual shooting successes, including winning the 2009 Scottish Sword and three consecutive top 10 finishes in the UK Grand Aggregate, he feels most at home wind coaching in team matches. Matthew particularly enjoys the intensity the World Championships and the fickle winds found on the General De Wet ranges in Bloemfontein. He is very much looking forward to combining the two for the first time.

When not on the range, Matthew works in Higher Education and lives in Chelmsford.

Hannah Cook
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Hannah’s introduction to shooting sure isn’t the norm. At the tender age of 7, she could be found shooting tin cans in the garden, but was finally taken to a ‘real club’ at the age of 11. At the age of 14, she got the ‘bug’ for international shooting, and competed at the 2006 World Championships in both 50m prone (Junior Women’s), and 300m (Senior Women’s). While studying at Wellington College, she began her Target Rifle career, breaking her Tyro at the first attempt. With one cap under her belt, she is looking forward to achieving two personal goals in 2024; competing at a World Championships in all disciplines she has shot, and being a part of the winning Palma team!

Off the range, Hannah can be found donning her professional uniform as a Physiotherapist working on a respiratory ward.

Under 25s

George Bramwell
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

George started shooting at the age of 14 as a pupil of Shrewsbury School, under the expert coaching of Tom Rylands. He began shooting smallbore before making the transition to fullbore, shooting the Ashburton four times, and is a proud member of the Lancashire county team. His favourite moment during his shooting career was winning the Imperial 150 team match.

Living in the Lake District, George does a fair bit of climbing, cycling and generally enjoys being outside. He is currently studying Sports and Exercise Science at Oxford Brookes University. He also competes in other variations of shooting sports most notably competing in Winter Biathlon which incorporates cross-country skiing and shooting in both prone and standing positions.

George is very much looking forward to going to the World Championships in South Africa.

Under 21s

James Burch
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

James started shooting fullbore with the Royal Marines Cadets in 2019, joining the UKCRT the following year; a tour that was sadly cancelled due to COVID. He later toured to Jersey with the Athelings in 2021, and Guernsey as Captain of the GB U19 team in 2023, winning the Guernsey Grand Aggregate. Recently, James has represented Somerset in various county matches, and has shot with the GB U25s in non-capped events.

Since all of James’s tours have been affected by travel restrictions, mainly due to COVID, he is really excited to finally have the opportunity to tour outside of Europe for the first time!

Outside of shooting, James enjoys playing guitar, skiing and running. He is currently in his first year of a Physics Degree at the University of Nottingham, where he is hoping to help the university rifle club get underway.


David Calvert
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Bloemfontein is arguably David’s second ‘shooting home’, having competed in all 25 SA Open Championships held there. His first shooting visit to South Africa was to Kimberley in 1996, when his RAF Club team won the Protea Match and he won his first of eight SA Open Championships.

David has represented GB on more than 50 occasions and has toured with GB, Ireland and RAF Club teams to 35 shooting venues in 20 countries across six continents. Individual Target Rifle achievements include four Gold Medals for Northern Ireland over 11 consecutive Commonwealth Games, and three Gold Medals in the H.M. Queen’s Prize. David has also represented GB in Match Rifle, Smallbore Rifle and Service Rifle.

Away from shooting, his interests and activities include family, golf, occasional skiing and scuba diving, and flying as a part-time instructor pilot in the RAF Reserve.

Chris Weeden
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Chris’s principal club has been NLRC for the past 34 years, where he is now President. He shoots for and captains the county of Kent and has represented England in the National Match, and GB in the Kolapore and Australia matches. Chris has toured with GB to Canada, (including as Captain in 2017), West Indies and Zimbabwe & South Africa. This will be his first GB Veterans World Championships.

At Bisley, he has five Grand Aggregate crosses and has shot in 16 Sovereign’s Finals. In 2023, he won the Silver Medal, winning the second stage of the H.M. King’s Prize, after a tie shoot. When not shooting, he currently helps the NHS to achieve their IT Goals, to assist in patient care.

Living in an Old Rectory, with wife Jules, gives him the opportunity to hone his carpentry and DIY skills. He has three children and four grandchildren…who keeps him young, but tired.

Tour Information

Captain’s Foreword

My family has a long tradition of fullbore rifle shooting with substantial links to South Africa. My Grandfather Major Tom Anstey, captained the 1953 GB Team to South Africa whilst my father, Major David Scott-Langley, was Adjutant to the 1963 GB Team. In 1993 I made my first trip to South Africa as a member of that year’s Great Britain Rifle Team…


GBRT Palma 2024 tour itinerary and shooting programme.

Tour Brochure

We are pleased to announce that the South Africa 2024 Tour Brochure is now available online…

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