Sunday 26th July – Travel

Saturday night at the Surrey Rifle Association was a hive of activity with baggage ‘legends’ checking our awful packing and running us through the traditional weight-watchers baggage weigh in. Congratulations all round from baggage overlord Matty for the team coming in on target in record time. Team pizza and a short sleepless night amongst the noises of the hayriders took the group to a 5am round of bacon rolls courtesy of Crispin and Tapster and again a swift loading of the coach. Thereafter, things happened much as they do on any tour. We hurried up and waited, did what we were told and joked about rubber gloves in the queue for Detroit Customs. The only highlight really were the Pimms promotion chap who kept us entertained at London Heathrow and Bill’s birthday celebrations aboard the flight (including a bottle of bubbles and a colouring-in set from the crew).

Come Detroit, we were greeted by the Captain (relieved to be reunited with her management team) where we all squeezed into our vehicles and headed to Port Clinton. Acclimatisation begins with BBQs and perhaps a Wendy’s. Elite athletes? Yes we are.