Monday 27th July

After a restless nights sleep, the occupants of house 1622 were awoken by the aroma of fresh coffee courtesy of the house prefect Reggie. After a brief breakfast, organized chaos followed as house members cleaned rifles ready for chamber measuring and the important team briefing.

Morning View

Team meeting was conducted in various degrees of order and disorder as the Captain outlined the programme for the next few days. Squadding packs were issued, but unfortunately one person was left out. Was he entered into the champs? or as it was later revealed was entered into all the competitions and should have been on the range and competing.

After the meeting households made their way in dribs and drabs to Camp Perry to register. Why do I have to sign my name in front of a Notary just to enter a meeting? Trigger weighing then followed (once we had found out where) much to the amusement of the US Marine Corps armourer as our rifles could have easily lifted 3 of the NRA of USA’s 500g weights in one go.


The rest of the day was free time for the team. Many sampled the delights of the range food, which consisted of culinary delights such as pulled pork burgers and hot dogs with chips (sorry – ‘French fries’!) and then moving on to “commercial row”. This was perfect if you need arms to start a small war with a minor nation, but also having some crucial supplies for the upcoming competitions (or just splurging on items that are twice the price in the UK!). Then began the mad rush to Wal-Mart – each house efficiently creating lists for the items they needed, then spending the majority of the afternoon searching for them in the store.


The evening was spent leisurely relaxing in the evening sun, enjoying each others’ company and attempting to plan the next day’s events – fishing at 7am anyone?