Tuesday 28th July

Three main activities were planned for today; fishing, a trip to Cedar Point amusement park and golf.

The team is currently communicating via WhatsApp, rather than actually talking to each other and thus plans did not go particularly well. The fishing party met at 06:30 as planned, then awoke the golfers to ask if they were fishing! Since one of the golfers didn’t know they were signed up for fishing and they were in a state of near undress they opted not to fish. This minor uncertainty sorted, the fishermen left to see if the phone message left at 21:30 the night before might lead to a boat charter.

The near legendary exploits of the 2012 fishing trip to Lake Erie were not to be repeated today. It transpired that the Adjutant had never caught a fish (despite having been fishing many times before). At one point during the morning he was heard to say, “There are not many things that I’m not good at, this is one of them”. Without a second thought his coach replied, “There are not many things that I’m not good at”, there was then a minor pause and the token Welshman said, “There are not many things that I’m good at”, much laughter ensued. The results of the fishing were that Lake Erie is now minus 51 perch, which were prepared for this evening’s team BBQ. If the GB Rifle Team does not make it to the range tomorrow – you will know why!

Cedar Point:
Another group felt adrenaline and action were the order of the day. Rose, Jeens, Miller and East headed out to Cedar Point for a cracking day of ups and downs and loops and giant turkey legs. Some might say this in not elite preparation for shooting but given it was extremely hot and there was a fair bit of waiting around, we felt it ideal training for tomorrow’s shooting events.

The major fishing push at dawn awoke the slumbering golfers and so a morning 9 holes were played on the Oak Harbor golf course. The competitors today comprised the winner of H.M. The Queen’s Prize, accompanied by his caddy (sorry fellow golfer) – the armourer. Reports are that more balls were found than lost (good job they had their glasses) and a comprehensive brief has been assembled to pass on to the GB Veterans team as and when required.

The team re-assembled for a team meeting at 18:00 to brief the events and expectations for the coming day’s shooting and a team BBQ then followed.