Monday 11th February

Monday began with an early start to our three-stage journey back to the UK – so early that the rest of the team nearly lapped the revelling group who had tested the delights of Wellington last night.

Fortified by coffee and bacon sandwiches kindly wheeled into the hotel car park by the legend that is James Lewis on his range trolley, we arrived at Wellington airport and unloaded by 0830. Several episodes of “sheep mode” followed while our transit was eased through by the good work of baggage master Matt Millar & his team, James Watson as FAC guru and David Rose as Adj. We said goodbye to our wonderful physios in Trentham (Zoe) and Auckland (Jackie) – thank you both so much. By contrast with my last tour with physio in tow, this diarist did not require the laying on of hands even once this time, down in large part to the excellent warm-up routine each morning on the range. Judging by the full appointment schedule and their inevitable WhatsApp group, the physios were kept busy throughout the tour. We also noted the daily emphasis placed by other teams on physical condition, which seemed to be new for this tour for them.

Flights have proceeded without event to Auckland and then Hong Kong, where this diary is being drafted. Well almost without event: the flight to Hong Kong ran out of white wine. We trust the same will apply to the last and longest leg, with the only predicted hesitation being process through customs in London. Arrival back at Bisley is scheduled for mid-morning on Tuesday.

It has been an exhilarating tour for us all, both in our individual shooting and in team matches. We join in congratulating the Australian team for a superb sustained performance not only over these last two weeks but over the several years in which they have visited Trentham as well as developing their team dynamic and other skills at home.

The final word is one of thanks from all the team to those who have supported us: families, friends, employers, sponsors, other funders, fellow shooters (including GB individuals, U21s, U25s & Veterans with us at Trentham) and anyone else we have missed; from the humble team members to our officers for the enormous workload and responsibility they have been taking on over a number of years on our behalf, with so many things so very well organised; to the opposing Palma teams from Australia, Canada, Channel Islands, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA for great sportsmanship; and to our hosts at the NRA of New Zealand and supporting clubs and local shooters for putting on such a fantastic event.

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  1. chris law

    Welcome back, and sorry to not make H/row to greet you with Union flag and socks.
    Herculean efforts from you all; the good memories will never leave you.
    Well done. Message 10, chris law


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