Thursday 7th February

Bright skies returned for the final day of individual world long range championship shooting. We had the 900 & 1000 yard ranges of stage 3 to complete in the morning followed by a Championship final also shot at 1000 yards for the top 10 overall.

The first shooters at 900 yards could have just about completed their shoots before the wind started blowing. Slower shooters on the first relay enjoyed a changeable 2-3 minutes of left wind for their last few shots. Thereafter wind conditions became steadily more challenging. By the time all had finished many failed to break 60 ex 75.

Falling back to 1000 yards scores were the lowest across the range of the week. The top scorers on many targets were in the 50’s. The top overall (amongst 300 of the best shots worldwide) was D. Smith from the Australian Rifle team with 69.5. Scores were rapidly processed by the NRA of NZ with the top 10 for the final of the World Individual Long Range Championships being announced during the long lunch break.  David Luckman went into the final in 6th place, eight points behind leader Steve Negus of Australia. Conditions were at least as challenging as in the morning matches, and David’s 66.4 (benefiting from a rapid middle section in slightly more manageable wind) was the top score amongst the finalists. It became apparent that young Mitch Bailey was ahead of David on V bulls and Steve Negus required an outer with his last to count in order to win… and an outer is what he scored – it was that hard! Steve’s 59.1 won him the individual Gold, while David rose to third overall. a single point behind the new world champion.

Prize-giving on the range followed with 8 GB shooters winning badges for placing in the top 30 of the individual championships (alongside 7 Australian team and 7 New Zealanders). The team was hitting top shooting form very close to the intended date.

We made a swift return to our accommodation to change before a team selection announcement meeting and the official Palma dinner, which was most enjoyable with mercifully short speeches.

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  1. Steven Thomas

    Congratulations to David for another tremendous individual effort. Also of course, to Steve for winning the WILRTRC.

    Now for the main event and I wish the GB Team every success. Stay composed and enjoy the match!


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