Saturday 9th February

Match day!  A slightly later departure for the range as the Palma match referees had chosen a 9.15 start to allow for even light conditions across the targets (the left hand bank had started in shade at 08.30 all week).  After a warm up led by Zoe, we awaited the draw for targets – starting out far left of the range at 800 yards, central at 900 and near the right for the final shoot of the day. USA top scored at 800 with 1194 ex 1200, 2 points ahead of Australia. GB had a disappointing start with 1181. Being to the left side of the range our coaches had a little less notice of wind changes but there were some loose shots fired too.

The wind picked up as normal through the day, never reaching the extremes of previous days. Wind changes were still fast however, meaning that there were numerous periods of waiting followed by times of rapid firing to make the best of conditions. The energy on the firing point during those periods was quite something.

At 900 and 1000 yards, GB and USA managed very similar scores with GB ahead by 3 at 900 (with Matt Charlton’s target only dropping one point) and USA ahead at 1000 (where Matt Ensor’s group excelled) by just 2 points despite a rear sight failure for Matt Button. Australia, however, maintained strong form through the day winning at each of the longer ranges to lead overall by 34 points at the end of day 1. We lay third.We left the ranges soon after shooting to triple check equipment and prepare for tomorrow. A team get together before dinner for some rousing words preceded an early night for all.

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  1. Jonathan Ensor

    What wonderful news to wake up to. Congratulations to the team on creeping up to a very worthy silver medal by a considerable margin in the end. Well done indeed. I shall wear my Union Jack shirt in recognition of your fine achievements.


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