The Grand Aggregate

Competition Background

The Grand Aggregate is a competition that can only be won by consistent shooting. The competition takes place during the Imperial Meeting in July at Bisley and spans a week. The winner and runner up both earn the right to the initials GC (Gold Cross) or SC (Silver Cross) after their names as well as receiving the appropriate medals. Those who make the top 50 win a bronze cross and this also qualifies them to shoot in the NRA's 'X' Class classification.

Jimmy Spaight is the only person to have won this competition 4 times. Of those who have finished in the top 50 of the Grand on more than 5 occassions, Simon Belither currently has the greatest number (22), there are 11 members of the our team in the list.

Match Conditions

The Grand Aggregate is made up of 13 competitions (3 of which are the H.M. Queen's Prize first stage). There are 3 shoots at 300 yards (160 points), 3 at 500 (185 points), 4 at 600 (210 points), 2 at 900 (100 points) and 1 at 1000 yards (50 points). These give a total maximum score of 705.