Individual Competitions

Whilst there is an increasing emphasis on team shooting, rifle shooting is normally considered to be an individual sport. There are competitions throughout the year across the world - it is possible to shoot in a different country almost every month of the year. Despite the number of competitions, Bisley in Surrey, UK remains the 'Mecca' for shooters worldwide. 

The photo to the right shows some of the elaborate and priceless silverware that is shot for annually at the NRA Imperial Meeting held at Bisley in the UK. There are so many different competitions that here we have only covered the most coverted - those that entitle the winners to initials after their names (you may have wondered what they meant in the team list, so here you can find out!).

Jane Messer, one of the top ladies in the sport (where men and women compete on equal terms), with her collection 
of silver after a successful Imperial meeting.

The wire badges that are presented to individuals representing a team in the 'Big 5' Matches.