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Day 10 – 141st Ontario RA Provincial Championship (final day)

Today has been without doubt the most exciting and consequential day of the tour so far. Strap in. The first shoot of the day was the Des Burke at 1000 yards, which also served as the final shoot of The Mercer Grand Aggregate. Patrick and Jane both came off with 50.8v, tied for first place. … Read more

Day 9 – 141st Ontario RA Provincial Championship (continued)

On the second day of the Ontario Provincial Championship, the conditions became a little more challenging with the addition of a morning rain shower. The course of fire today consisted of two shoots at 900 yards and one at 1000. The first shoot, The Tait, featured two of Team GB within the top ten – … Read more

Day 8 – 141st Ontario RA Provincial Championship

Today was the first day of the Ontario Rifle Association meeting and the team descended on the range bright and early at 0730 to pick up squadding for the next few days. Short range was the order of the day today with 4 shoots, twice at 500 yards and twice at 600 yards. The course … Read more

Featured Team Members

Andrew Lothian
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Andrew was given a .177” air rifle for his seventh birthday. As he was absolutely useless at ball sports, he was delighted to discover something he could do.

He was lucky enough to attend Epsom College where he didn’t work very hard, but really got hooked shooting the good old .303”. He was in the school’s first ever Ashburton winning VIII in 1973, the month before he toured to Canada as an Atheling, where he shot like a drain.

Life then got in the way of shooting in Canada, spending the next 42 years flying airliners for a living, but still managed to shoot in the UK. He did squeeze in tours to New Zealand and Australia in the ’90’s, competing in a couple of Australia Matches and a Palma. He’s hoping his wife Alison didn’t notice. He toured with his son James in 2009 to Bloemfontein. As they were both missing, Alison probably twigged that one! After an interval of 38 years, he shot at Connaught in 2011 and again in 2019.

Now that he is retired, he indulges himself shooting as much as he can. He is passionate about supporting youth shooting, running the .22” range at a local Prep School and helping out at Epsom. Unsurprisingly, he is looking forward to meeting long standing Canadian friends and forging new links with others.

Christopher Heales
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Christopher shoots with the West Suffolk Rifle Club in Norfolk, currently their captain, he is also a regular member of the Norfolk County team. He has previously toured to Canada and Guyana with England and been a member of three European Long Range teams, appearing also in the National and Lawrence. This will be his first GB tour.

When not shooting or at work, he may occasionally be found cycling along local leafy lanes, although vigorously denies having gone full “MAMIL”. He also enjoys cooking and dabbles in the world of home brewing, sometimes with explosive results. Happily married with 2 grown up children and a dog.

Lindsey McKerrell
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Lindsey started shooting at Dollar Academy when she was 13. This will be her fourth visit to Canada to compete – She first visited as an Atheling in 2013, and has been lucky enough to return two more times with GB and Scotland since then.

She has never shot in Quebec before so particularly looks forward to competition there. This is Lindsey’s first overseas tour since the last U25 World championships in New Zealand where she came 5th in individuals and top scored in the team match – she hopes to have similar success this summer.

Outside of shooting she is an enthusiastic (but not talented) rock climber and runner.

Jon Underwood
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Jon’s passion for target shooting started at the tender age of 11 at Aldro School on a 20 yard range in a converted greenhouse. Jon continued to enjoy the sport, learnt about fullbore shooting and ‘Bisley’ when he moved to the Royal Grammar School at Guildford. With the sport becoming more than just a hobby, he continued his shooting career at London University, subsequently making regular appearances for Surrey County.

Jon has achieved a number of notable successes over the years including winning the Grand Aggregate in 2005 and 2009, the Queens Prize in 2006, and most recently the Governor General’s Prize in 2019. He has also been a member of many successful teams representing England and Great Britain. Back home, Jon looks after his family business interests in Surrey (handy for Bisley), including a tool hire business and property management and rental business and in ‘spare time’ has returned to Guildford Grammar School to help with the coaching. Jon also has the responsibility of looking after Ted – ‘The Underdog’!

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