Day 24 – The Return Home

Our 9am team meeting started the process of travelling home. One member of the team realised he’d need to take an opportunity to visit Peter Bramleys for final time, and by our planned 10am departure almost all the team were showered and packed. The driving teams set off in convoys with very loaded vans back to Johannesburg Airport…

Day 23 – Recovery

With all of us feeling slightly delicate after last night’s commiserations, we gathered on the lawn outside the downstairs rooms and began to pack all the team baggage. Under strict instruction to arrive at 10am with all items that needed to be included in team kit, only half of the team managed to achieve this basic task. Others had their team kit helpfully added to the pile by room or bus mates without regaining consciousness from the night before…

Day 22 – Palma Match Day 2

Day two of the 2024 Palma dawned cooler than almost any on the tour so far, following a spectacular thunderstorm overnight. For the final time, target teams made their way to their respective vans for the drive to the General de Wet range. With just two points separating ourselves and Australia after day one, it effectively came down to a three range shootout against the reigning World Champions…
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Featured Team Members

Jeremy Langley
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

As Captain for the Palma, Jeremy has been working with a large squad for the last three years which culminated in March 2023 with an in-country tour and final selection. This ‘pre-Palma’ tour was a great way for the team to experience the challenges of shooting in South Africa and Jeremy is greatly looking forward to renewing old friendships forged by many years of international competition, whilst hopefully redressing the 1999 Palma Match result!

Jeremy (a third-generation shooter from Devon) is a seasoned international shot and coach having toured for Great Britain on 19 previous occasions (including six tours to South Africa – spanning three decades). In 2023, he captained the GB team to a single-point win in the Protea Match.

In his spare time when not shooting or coaching, he and his wife Judy can be found chasing after their two sons, Benjamin & Harry.

David Luckman
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

David will be touring South Africa for a ninth time having first visited with the Great Britain team 26 years ago. He is looking forward to catching up with friends, both local and international, and is hoping to compete in his seventh Palma Match.

David’s successes include winning the H.M. Queen’s Prize (twice), Grand Aggregate (3 times), the St George’s (4 times) plus four Gold Medals at the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games. In 2015, he finally managed to shed the title of ‘Oldest ever World Individual Long Range rifle champion’ but his new long-term goal is to one day regain that title.

David started shooting with Sedgemoor Target Shooting Club and represents Somerset county. He is married to Susie and lives in Bristol with their children Thomas and Sophie. When he has time, David is a keen sports player and enjoys cycling, tennis, and swimming.

Under 25s

Jemima Hince
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Jemima began shooting in 2016 at Wellington College, under the tuition of Nigel Ball. Her love of touring started in 2017 with the UK Cadets tour to Jersey. In 2018 she visited South Africa and Canada with the GB U19s and Athelings and has now toured Canada three times, returning in 2019 with England and in 2022 with GB. As an individual, she has competed in Scotland, Jersey and Phoenix. In March 2023, Jemima travelled with the GB U25s to South Africa, where they won both international matches. She looks forward to returning in 2024 for the World Championships and hopefully securing more victories.

When not shooting, Jemima enjoys coaching cadets and in the rare occurrence she is away from the ranges, she is completing her final year of a Chemistry degree at Surrey University. When time permits, she can also be found sailing, skiing or walking her Labrador.

Under 21s

Thomas Craig-Fleming
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Thomas started fullbore shooting in 2016 at Lancing College, where he also represented Sussex although he now shoots for Kent. His first tour was with the UK Cadet Rifle Team to Jersey in 2019. He was an Atheling in 2020, but never made it to Canada as the tour was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the postponed Imperial Meeting that year, he won the Conwey Fenton Memorial Challenge Cup.

Thomas graduated from the English Lions development pathway in 2023 before which he also had the opportunity to compete in the SA Open Championships as a member of the GB U25 team in March. He is very much looking forward to being a member of the GB U21 team competing in the 2024 World Long Range Championships in Bloemfontein.

Away from the range, Thomas is studying Psychology at Brunel University, London.


David Richards
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

David is no stranger to the General De Wet ranges in South Africa, having toured there on three previous occasions, including in the Palma year of 1999. He is also familiar with the Veterans having been a member of the team to the last World Championships in New Zealand in 2019. David has toured many times with GB and England and has been lucky enough to have had some success over the years, including shooting and coaching in many GB teams at home, and abroad and winning the H.M. Queen’s Prize when he was MUCH younger…in 1984.

Apart from Target Rifle, David also shoots smallbore and stalks deer. He has run a charcuterie business for several years and is married to Karen who is back home looking after the dogs.

Reg Roberts
Cap #:
Big 5 Caps:

Reg is a semi-retired Fellow Chartered Accountant who develops land and property projects in the UK and Canada. He’s an Aussie by birth, arrived in the UK in February 1983 and the country has suffered ever since!

He started shooting in 1971 with The Kings School, Parramatta. Reg has toured overseas with 11 GB teams including seven to Canada, one to Australia in 2005 as Captain, and was a target coach for the GB Palma winning teams in 2007 and 2015. His personal worldwide achievements include 19 H.M. Queen’s Final badges and six Bisley Grand Aggregate crosses. Reg was inducted into the “The Big 5” after captaining the GB Kolapore team in 2016 to an ICFRA target, record score of 1196 ex 1200.

He is married to Jennifer and has four children, two of which, Nick and Tim, are already avid fullbore shots.

Tour Information

Captain’s Foreword

My family has a long tradition of fullbore rifle shooting with substantial links to South Africa. My Grandfather Major Tom Anstey, captained the 1953 GB Team to South Africa whilst my father, Major David Scott-Langley, was Adjutant to the 1963 GB Team. In 1993 I made my first trip to South Africa as a member of that year’s Great Britain Rifle Team…


GBRT Palma 2024 tour itinerary and shooting programme.

Tour Brochure

We are pleased to announce that the South Africa 2024 Tour Brochure is now available online…

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