Ben Stevens

Ben started shooting with his CCF at school at the age of 14. He went on to Oxford University, but it took him at least a year to find the rifle club there. When he did, he found fullbore shooting to be much more enjoyable than the small-bore kind, possibly due to the proliferation of bars on Bisley Camp. Ben entered his first Imperial Meeting in 2002, and climbed roughly 200 places in the Grand every year for a number of years, which only goes to show how low he started! 

Ben has represented Oxford University, London County, and toured to the Channel Islands in 2008 with Matt Charlton's NRA team. The team won both matches against Guernsey and Jersey, but Ben missed out on the celebrations due to a bout of gastroenteritis.

Being English, Ben has managed to be selected for his first GB tour before shooting for his country, and is looking forward to going to South Africa at least as much for the food and wine as for the shooting.