David Crispin

David works for an American IT company as a Technical Account Manager specialising in Network Attached Storage. He has never been to South Africa before and is really looking forward to experiencing many new things. It's hard to believe, looking at the very youthful picture, that he will celebrate his 50th birthday while on tour. Hopefully, he'll still be able to walk, unaided, to the firing point and even lift a few weighty beers to commemorate his half century.

This is David's third GB tour after New Zealand in 2010 and Canada last year. He spends a lot of time at Bisley as Chairman of the Surrey Rifle Association and is very proud of the recent work done by a very active committee. His other interest is flying light aircraft. David has a Private Pilot's Licence and flies a single engine Piper Archer from Fairoaks airport in Surrey on hamburger runs to the Isle of Wight.