Day 19 – Another (Col John) Brick in the Wall

Another day of good weather and another day of two distance matches, the Col John Brick (2 and 10 at 500 and 600 yards) and the Norman Beckett (2 and 10 at 300 and 800 metres). This format is most frustrating for shooters who perform well at one range, hoping to carry home some silverware, only to be thwarted by a bad shoot at the next.

Top GBRT performers were Jon Underwood (100.14), who finished 5th in the Col John Brick, with Angus McLeod (also 100.14) following in 6th and David Rose (another 100.14) in 7th, on count back. Lindsay Peden, Graham Nelson and David Calvert took 12th, 13th and 14th place, respectively, all with 100.13. Mike Barlow, David Crispin and James Mehta continued the possibles, all with 100.12. Finally, Charles Dickenson scored 100.8.

The Norman Beckett, testing shooters’ short and long-range abilities, was won by our esteemed Captain, scoring 100.12. Jon Underwood followed him in third, with 100.11.

At the end of the day, GBRT had five of the six top places in the Grand Aggregate, David Calvert leading, with 299.38.

More torrential rain threatens to disrupt shooting again tomorrow. However, GBRT’s Bisley spirit remains unwavering, wanting to shoot as long as the target is (almost) visible.

Lollipop awards (Day 19):

Not awarded.

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