The team has arrived safely in Ottawa, looking forward to the next 10 days of competition in the Canadian National Championships. For further information about the Canadian Championships follow the link to for the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association.  

International Match – Live (where possible) Updates

As the international match against Canada and the USA progresses, we will attempt to post live updates here, mobile signal permitting… The course of fire is 2 sighting shots and 10 shots to count at 300, 500 and 600 metres. Conditions are cloudy, with light winds, rain expected mid-morning. Update…
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Imminent Departure!

As we leave the Imperial meeting behind, we start looking forward to the upcoming tournaments across the Atlantic. Frantic washing and packing ensues as we prepare our luggage for the first leg of the tour!

Less than a month

As the Imperial Meeting approaches fast, the team looks forward to competing in the British National Championships, with less than 1 month left before we depart for the Canadian Championships.