Day 22 – Here Endeth the Letson

Not wanting to spoil the qualifying scores for the third and final stage of the Governor General’s Prize, an executive decision was made by the DCRA to reschedule the rained out 600 yard shoot of the Letson. Unfortunately, this came at a cost, which was the cancellation of the 600 yard shoot of the Outlander Match, scheduled for Thursday afternoon. The final two shoots of the Gibson, however, remained unaffected.

Despite winds, which alternated from eerily calm to magpie-beckoningly blustery, Mike Barlow managed to hold his own and win the Gibson, with 150.15, one of only two possibles in the entire match.

After lunch, the Letson and, consequently, the Governor General’s Prize final stage qualifier, was completed. Angus McLeod won the Letson, with a score of 105.16. Part of his prize includes life membership of the DCRA. David Crispin was close behind in third place, with 105.15, James Mehta coming fourth with the same score. Colin Skellett came fifth, with 105.14, the Captain fourteenth, with 105.12, Graham Nelson fifteenth, with the same score, Mike Barlow seventeenth, with the same score, Jon Underwood eighteenth (same score), David Calvert twentieth (same score), Steve Penrose twenty-first (same score), Ellie Joseph twenty-third (105.11), the diarist twenty-fifth (105.10 – not a fan of the v-bull), and, finally, Matt Charlton twenty-sixth (105.9 – even less of a fan of the v-bull).

The above results mean that the Governor General’s qualifier sees Angus McLeod advance to the final, finishing 2nd, with 255.36. Also in the top 50 and, therefore, through are Jon Underwood, David Calvert, Ellie Joseph, Mike Barlow, Graham Nelson, the Captain, David Rose, David Crispin, Rory MacLeod, Steve Penrose, Jeremy Tuck, Colin Skellett and Matt Charlton. The final takes place on Saturday afternoon.

With the individual matches of the day completed, it was time to focus on the Outlander Match. Sadly reduced to just one distance, the match consisted of 2 sighters and 15 shots to count, at 900 metres. Teams were made up of 8 firers and GBRT had two entries: GB RED and GB BLUE.

Teams were faced with decidedly varied conditions during the short match. A steady but strong wind was interrupted by a brief deluge, which was followed by a period of almost no wind.

Unfortunately for GB, despite some strong individual performances, Team USA had a very good shoot and won the match. Team lists and results are presented below:

Outlander results

At the end of the day, David Calvert remained at the top of the Grand Aggregate (752.98), with members of GBRT filling the top five spots on the leader board. Tomorrow morning sees the final shoot of the Grand Aggregate, the Gatineau, a 2 and 15 at 900 metres. In the afternoon is the Canada Match between GB, Canada and the USA. The course of fire is 2 and 10 at 300, 500 and 600 yards. The GB team of 8 is as follows:

Canada Match team

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