Day 21 – Setting a President

Unlike the Queen’s Prize at Bisley, which sees the top 300 competitors from the first stage advance to the second, the Governor General’s Prize of the DCRA has competitors shoot both a Queen’s I and Queen’s II course of fire (2 and 7 and then 2 and 10 at 300 metres, 500 and 600 yards, respectively). The top 50 competitors from the aggregate of these two courses of fire then advance to the final stage of the competition, taking their second stage score through with them. Today’s competitions were the President’s (the aforementioned Queen’s II equivalent) and the first of three shoots in the Gibson, a 2 and 10 at 800 metres.

The President’s saw some very consistent shooting from GBRT: Jon Underwood finished second, with 150.23. Fifth was Angus McLeod (150.20), sixth was Ellie Joseph (150.19), ninth was David Calvert (150.19) and tenth was Mike Barlow (150.16). Other members of the team also acquitted themselves admirably.

In the first of the three Gibson shoots at 800 metres, GBRT’s Charles Dickenson led the way, coming second with 50.4. Mike Barlow finished fourth, on the same score. These two shoots were particularly impressive, as there were only six possibles, out of 179 shooters. The Gibson concludes tomorrow, with 2 and 10s at 300 metres and 600 yards.

At the end of the day, David Calvert was leading the Grand Aggregate, with 653.81. Mike Barlow was in second place, with 652.68, Jon Underwood in third place, with 651.82, Angus McLeod in fourth place, with 651.80, our Captain in fifth place, with 651.70 and Graham Nelson in tenth, with 649.75.

Team No 1s

Post-shooting, members of the team rushed back to the hotel for a quick shower and change into No 1s, as GBRT were hosting a Pimm’s reception for fellow shooters, in the large marquee on camp. Fruit was chopped, nibbles poured into bowls and brochures laid out. The diarist was surprised to learn how difficult it is to source Pimm’s in Canada. However, thanks to the British Army Shooting Team’s Rob Kitson, no guests went without.

The evening was a resounding success and culminated in a chorus of Happy Birthday, followed by the presentation of a cake, to the Vice-captain. The diarist has been requested not to reveal, however, what birthday he was celebrating…Once everything from the reception had been cleared away, the team fell into vehicles and returned to the hotel for a late dinner and a welcome sleep.

Lollipop awards (Day 21):

Good – Ian Ashworth, for remaining at the range after shooting, in order to chop fruit and help to prepare for the Pimm’s reception.

Bad – the Captain, for carefully aligning his shooting mat with the relevant target number plate on the firing point, only to discover that it was, in fact, a gopher hole, which explained why there were several metres between him and his fellow shooters.

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