International Match – Live (where possible) Updates

As the international match against Canada and the USA progresses, we will attempt to post live updates here, mobile signal permitting…

The course of fire is 2 sighting shots and 10 shots to count at 300, 500 and 600 metres. Conditions are cloudy, with light winds, rain expected mid-morning.

Update after 300 metres: GBRT go clean, rain has begun. Other teams still shooting.

Update after 500 and 600 metres: GBRT go clean at 500 metres and drop 7 at 600 metres for a final score of 1193.136, winning the match. The Washington team came second with 1185.132 and the British Columbia team third, with 1173.119.

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  1. Colin Cheshire

    Good luck to you all when you get to Ottawa and well done so far


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