Monday 22nd August

The last bus reached our hotel at 2000 hrs yesterday evening. The Captain was by this time producing some mouth watering smells from the barbeque. Probably in celebration as he has won the Champlain Aggregate, awarded for the highest score in the pre Grand shoots. The steak was really delicious, cooked perfectly to order and just the job yesterday evening. Even though it was still raining...

The weather has now changed, the wind has picked up, coming from 11 o'clock. 300metres kicked off at 0800, on time to the second. The wind was fresh even at that time of the morning resulting in any angle changes causing some wider than expected inners to appear. We saw more of the same during the 500x shoot before lunch. Puzzlement was caused when a fellow competitor scored 42.8 (?).

We was all sitting in one of them buses what we the team rented saying how we really valued the contribution by an exspurt back home correcting the diarists grammar which he admits is not perfect at the best of times. The Capting wondered if praps the grammatist would prefer to edit the diary before its put on the web cite?

The 800m shoot proved “troublesome”, our adjutant complaining about shooting on 8½ minutes left and then finding the shot needed 3½ left. Ian scored consecutive outers for 3 shots in succession. He quit the firing point with 33.1, our Vice Captain described his detail as “lambs to the slaughter” as he left. Wind brackets of 1 left to 11 left shot to shot were required.

Dave Dyson ignited himself this morning. He dropped a point at 300m and has gone clean for the rest of a difficult day. He is currently leading the Grand Aggregate by 2 points. I hope that is grammatically correct. We have 8 team members in the top 20. Please be aware that full results are available on the DCRA website:-

The course of fire tomorrow is the equivalent of the Wednesday of the Bisley meeting, the Letson being a Queens 1 course of fire along with the Alexander of Tunis, which seems to be dreaded by shooters in the same way as the Corporation is at Bisley.

The forecast for tomorrow is going for a 20% chance of rain with the wind backing to come from over a right handed shooters shoulder. Temperature up to 22 degrees.