Saturday 13th August

A day of school boy errors, team lows and highs. Glorious weather, more interesting winds and some high scoring, as ever.

The flags on the range are made of very light material – almost parachute silk. A question was asked, “ if you had heavier silk on your parachute, would you fall faster after you had jumped?”
Answers on a postcard please.

The first school boy error was committed by one of our older members, one who has had a recent birthday and spends time flying airliners when not shooting. What you do is to get all your kit ready to shoot, chatting away merrily with friends, sharing a bit of ribald laughter. Settle down on the firing point, setting everything out as usual until you can't find your ammo, which you know you last saw in a team bus. Panic. 3 minutes before the shoot starts, you spring up as nimbly as a gazelle, or at least a 55 year old one and run 200 metres to get something that will go bang. Flop down on the point in your by now “personal sauna” (of course you are right hand man) and fire your first sighter some 15 secs later, trying to not focus on the drop of sweat about to drip off your nose. Everything then goes surprisingly well until you pop a dead central v on the next target (it's always a v isn't it?).  It must be said that a bald, former professional Roogby League/ex fireman from Yorkshire did exactly the same thing as did a solicitor from Odiham (tho' only a first sighter in his case). The Captain would like it noted that this motley trio are the oldest members on the team.

Today's regimen required shoots at 500 metres (2/10) 2 x 600 metres, (2/10) & (2/15) topped off by a 2/10 at 800. As the day went on, the mercury rose to a high of about 26 centigrade, with consequent increases in humidity and wind. The morning shoots were quite comfortable, the secret, as yesterday was to not over correct for any perceived wind changes. The 15 shot shoot after lunch was rather a sweaty affair, again with enough wind variation to ensure one stayed out of the v if out of step.

The 800 metre shoot proved easy for a significant proportion of the team. There was a six way tie shoot – all from the GBRT. All had scored 50.7. The tie was finally broken after Messrs. Shaw and Kent had fired two sudden death shots. Jon Kent buying the beer with one extra v bull.

The 500 match was won by Henry Day (50.8), pursued by Dave Dyson (50.7) and Jon Taylor (50.7)
At 600, Warburton led the pack (50.8), then Henry (50.7) and Danny Coleman (50.7)
The 800 metre tie shoot featured Kent, Shaw, Lothian, Day, Coleman and Warburton.

In the Aggs, the Lieutenant Govenorns was won by Henry Day, 275.25, 2nd, Captain, 275.24, 3rd,  Vice 274.35.

Our Vice Captain showed us all the way it should be done by winning the Grand on 628.86, only dropping two points. Henry seems to be coming along nicely, with 627.73 at 2nd. Danny Coleman only being pushed into 3rd place by 2 v bulls on 627.71.

We will only be shooting twice tomorrow. 2/10's at 800 metres in coached teams, each team to include an F class shooter. Should be fun.

The Captain went and spotted some hardy souls swimming in a lake on the way to the range. He has “suggested“ that we all bring our swimming trunks so that we can have a dip on the way home. Hmmm. He can go in first and get various bits nibbled I think!