GBRT Canada 2013



The highest possible score is 5 points, if the shot is in the inner-most ring, it is called a ‘V-Bull’. The number of ‘V-Bulls’ are counted up separately and shown after a score. So for example, a ten-shot competition has a highest possible score (HPS) of 50.10. The ‘V-Bull’ count is essentially used as a tie breaker if two or more shooters end up with the same score out of 50, so a score of 50 with no V’s will still beat a score of 49 with 9 V’s.

After a shot is fired, the marker will pull the target down in order to find the shot hole. A bright orange disc is used to show the location of the shot, and in addition, a wooden scoring paddle is placed in one of four holes along the bottom of the target to indicate the score. This means there can’t be any doubt as to the actual score when the shot is close to the line!

1 Point
2 Points
3 Points
4 Points
5 Points