GBRT Canada 2013

Iain Robertson

Iain discovered both fullbore rifle shooting and Bisley when his Station team entered the Royal Air Force Skill-at-Arms Meeting in 1979.  Iain managed enough in the TR event to tie-shoot for the Karachi Cup – the RAF TR Tyro trophy.  A nice bloke who seemed to know what he was doing lay down behind to keep score, and Iain having duly lost the tie-shoot, nice bloke grasped Iain and said “I have a club you need to join young man.”  With these prescient words, Chris Fitzpatrick led a young and innocent student pilot into a whole new world.

Thirty-three years later, Iain has travelled with the RAF, Scotland and Great Britain teams to a dozen countries on approaching forty occasions.  Along the way Iain has collected five Queen’s badges (plus a few away from Bisley), a gorgeous wife, a home at Bisley, an appointment as Captain of Great Britain and a job at the NRA on leaving the RAF.

This will be Iain’s seventh tour to Canada, including with GB in 2002 and with Scotland in 2005.  Given the competition, the company and the cuisine (donuts, steak, waffles, maple syrup and iced coffee all come to mind), it will not be the last!