GBRT Canada 2013



Official training weekends pre-tour 2012-2013
20-21st October 2012 Bisley
16-17th March 2013 Bisley
1-2nd June 2013 Bisley
22-23rd June 2013 Bisley
GBRT 2013 – day
by day on tour

  Morning Afternoon Evening
Tuesday 13 August Meet at RAFTRC, Bisley at 1100 Finish packing and depart for LHR (1400) for Montreal on

BA 0095 at 1825

Arrive Montreal, coach transfer to Ottawa
Wednesday 14 August Collect team transport (0900); To range Set up kit and facilities on range; range walk Team BBQ at hotel
Thursday 15 August Free morning Free afternoon Free evening
Friday 16 August Practice at 300x and 600x Sierra Long Range Challenge Part 1 (2+10@800m)

Sierra Long Range Challenge Part 2 (2+10@900m)

Ottawa Regiment (2+15@800m)

Free evening
Saturday 17 August Gooderham (2+15@900m) Army and Navy Veterans (2+15@900m)

Sierra Long Range Challenge Part 3 (2+10@900m)

Sierra Long Range Challenge Part 4 (2+10@900m)

Meet and Greet reception on range (1930, No 1s)
Sunday 18 August Tilton (2+10@300m)

Tilton  (2+10@600yds)

Macdougall (2+10@300m)

Macdougall (2+10@500yds)

Free evening
Monday 19 August Norman Becket (2+10@300m)

Col. John Brick (2+10@500yds)

Norman Becket (2+10@800m)

Col. John Brick (2+10@600yds)

Free evening
Tuesday 20 August Letson (2+7@300m)

Letson (2+7@500yds)

Coaches Match (teams of 1 coach and 2 firers, 2+10 @900m)

Letson (2+7@600yds)

Alexander of Tunis (2+10@900m)

Corn roast at NDHQRA (optional, self sign up to get tickets)

Wednesday 21 August Presidents (2+10@300m)

Presidents (2+10@500yds)

Presidents (2+10@600yds)

Gibson (2+10@800m)

GB team reception (No1s)
Thursday 22 August Gibson (2+10@300m)

Gibson (2+10@600yds)

Outlander Team match (2 coaches + 8 firers, 2+15@600yds and 900m)
Friday 23 August Gatineau (2+15@900m) Canada Team match (2 coaches + 8 firers, 2+10@300yds, 500yds and
Saturday 24 August Commonwealth Team match (3 coaches + 12 firers, 2+10@800m and 900m) Governor General’s Final (2+15@800m and 900m)
Sunday 25 August Pack up Depart for Montreal BA0094 departing 2210
Monday 26 August Arrive LHR 0935 Coach transfer to Bisley, arrive 1130