GBRT Canada 2013

Steph Ward

Steph has been shooting for a good few years now having started as a little Army Cadet.  She was so small in stature that her coach had to stand behind her whilst she was shooting so that the recoil of the rifle didn’t make her slide backwards!

Steph has been on a number of tours over her shooting career (which is fairly short compared to everyone else on the team).  Most recently she toured to Australia with the Great Britain Under 25 Rifle Team to compete in the World Championships.  Needless to say she didn’t win individually but as team shooting is more her forte she gave it her best shot (no pun intended).

Steph now works as a Production Engineer at the world leading metrology company Renishaw based in Gloucestershire.

This is Stephs second Great Britain tour to Canada and it is an honour to be chosen again.