GBRT Canada 2013

Nick Tremlett

Chief Coach, GM

Nick is the Chief Coach on the team and brings a unique blend of experience, good humour and cookery skills.  He first learned to shoot at Bradfield College, being attracted to a sport that involved lying down.  An Atheling in 1976, he spent six years at Cambridge, and made the first of his 11 GB teams to date in 1983. Since then he has toured to USA, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Germany, Channel Islands and Australia.

Nick is perhaps primarily known for his match rifle prowess.  He has been an instrumental part of all GB match rifle teams in the UK and abroad, has won the Hopton five times and is the current captain of the English VIII.  He has also had some success with a target rifle.  He has 39 ‘Big 5’ appearances for England and Great Britain so far, including 3 Palma matches, and won Her Majesty the Queen’s Prize in 2009.

Nick is senior partner in a large veterinary practice, which, by pure chance, is only a short distance from Bisley.