World Long Range Rifle Championships 2011

Welcome to the Great Britain Palma Rifle Team website. The team have now returned safely to the UK after a thoroughly enjoyable and successful tour that culminated in winning The Palma Match. Thank you for all of your support while the team was away.

The tour brochure is available for download in PDF format here: 

Team List

Captain: John Webster England      
Vice-Captain: Martin Townsend Ireland      
Adjutant: James Watson England      
Squad: David Armstrong England      
  Nigel Ball GC, SM, SC England   Jane Messer GC, SC England
  Nick Brasier GC England   Gareth Morris Wales
  David Calvert GM, SC Ireland   Parag Patel GC2, SC England
  Matthew Charlton Scotland   Toby Raincock England
  Jon Cload England   Kelvin Ramsey England
  Matthew Ensor England   Ant Ringer GM3, SM2, SC England
  Richard Jeens Wales   Tom Rylands SC England
  Jeremy Langley England   Paul Sykes England
  James Lewis GM England   Nick Tremlett GM England
  David Luckman GC2, SM, SC3 England   Jon Underwood GM, GC2, SM2 England
  Ross McQuillan Ireland   Chris Watson Wales
Reserve: Edward Jeens Wales      
Team Physio: Erica McMullan        


19/10 WILRC Day 4 (Final)

"Illegitimis non carborundum"
Said of winds our young lawyer from London
Who so steadily shot
That he won the Worlds pot
As he saw others with magpies undone.

Today was the last day of the World Individual Championships.  After 3 days and 2 and a third daily aggregates, the American Soldier of the Year, Sherri Gallagher, led the field.  Following in the top ten were Nick Tremlett, David Luckman and Jane Messer with many more of the team only a handful of points behind.  But, if the previous couple of days had been anything to go by, pretty much all of this could change when presented with the Belmont bluster.