Jon Cload


  • Surrey
  • England

Jon learned to shoot at school in Reigate and competed in his first Bisley meeting in 1992. This is Jon's 8th overseas GB tour and his third to Australia, having previously toured in 2001 and 2005. Despite his deceptively boyish looks, he is a seasoned international shot, with 7 appearances for England in each of the National and Mackinnon matches, and 3 for GB in each of the Australia and the Kolapore matches. He also shot in the last two Palma matches, giving him a total of 22 ‘Big 5’ appearances to date. Individual success has also come his way, most notably winning the Ballinger Belt in New Zealand in 2010.  

Jon works at Cheltenham College in Gloucestershire, where he coaches the shooting team amongst other things. When not building ammo for the team or doing DIY tasks around the house, Jon gravitates to the great outdoors, notably clay and game shooting, and fishing.